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Michael, The Lord Of Wikia
Young NAture
• 5/11/2015

Guess The Object

Hello people of ACNL Wikia.

Welcome to round 1 of Guess the Object. It's like 20 questions, but better! Mainly because it's ∞ questions! Well, actually, I'll draw the line at 200 questions.

So for those that are new to this game, this is the first-ever roundof the game. We take  turns to host the round. 

Basically, me, being the saddist I am, have come up with an object incredibly hard to guess. I will be genuinely surprised if someone gets it within the 200 questions. (Now that I've said that, someone probably WILL get it). You are not allowed to ask more than 3 of the same type of question.

TRADITION RULE #1: The first user who asks a question must ask the question “Can you sit on it?” Just a tradition. If the first user doesn’t, I will not be able to answer any questions until a user asks that question. Yes, you are allowed to ask as many questions as you want, AS LONG AS IT IS SPECIFIC. So, that aside, let the game begin!

TRADITION RULE #2: The only one question that you may not ask is, “What is the object?”


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Michael, The Lord Of Wikia
Young NAture
• 5/12/2015

Can you sit on it?

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