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Kelsey Outside Able Sisters

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the store can be found in the Main Street. Upon starting the game it is next to Nookling Junction to the left of it, and the Museum or the bench to the right. However, once the player has met certain requirements, the Gardening Store will be built between the Nookling store and the Able Sisters store.

Initially, the only items Mabel and Sable offer in their store are shirts and designs, as well as skirts and pants which are new to the series. These take the place of accessories, which used to be on show in the top right of the store.

Labelle runs the accessories store which is accessed via the door on the right of the building. It can also be accessed through Mabel and Sable's section by going through from the right of their room.

Once the player has spent 8,000 Bells in the Able Sisters store, Kicks' store will open next door to the right of the building. It will offer shoes as well as other accessories, such as socks.

When the player spends at least 10,000 Bells between the Able Sisters or Kicks, the beauty salon Shampoodle will open directly above Able Sisters.  

Products Edit

The main products bought from Able Sisters are:

Clothes and accessories can be tried on before they are bought, by clicking the item with which Mabel will reply with a list of options - trying on being one of them.

QR Codes Once the player has spoken to Sable on ten separate days (at least once per day), a new sewing machine will appear in the shop. This machine will allow the player to scan and create QR codes.

Creating a QR code will generate an image that contains the pattern's name, a preview image and the QR code. The image will then be exported to the SD card and will be accessible via the Camera App. Exported Pro Designs may require more data than a single QR code can contain, and up to four QR codes will be generated for one design that have to be scanned in sequence to reproduce the pattern. Players can share QR codes by uploading them to a website like the Nintendo Image Share Service via the 3DS's w

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Kelsey and Mabel Do Emotions!

eb, or by inserting the SD card into a PC and extracting the QR code from there.canning a QR code is straightforward and requires a current pattern to be overwritten in order to save it. Once a pattern is chosen for overwriting, simply point the 3DS's camera at the QR code and align the cross hairs to match up with the code. If a multi-code Pro Design is scanned, the game will detect it and prompt the player to scan the subsequent codes. Regular and Pro Designs scanned via QR code cannot be edited or shared in-game (e.g., with villagers via the pattern displays, or other players). If a QR code is difficult to scan, adjusting the brightness around the code may increase chances of success.