Appearance Edit

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Normal Apple.

Normal Apple Edit

The Animal Crossing Apple looks like a real life Apple but it's got some changes. For one, the bottom of the Apple is Gold. This Apple also has a caramel colored stem & a bright red peel.

Perfect Apple Edit

When you have been playing the game for a bit, start shaking fruit trees. If your town fruit is the Apple, you might be able to find a Perfect Apple. On 1 or 2 trees in your town, there will be 2 regular apples on the tree, & 1 different apple. For more information, visit the Perfect Apple Article.

Where To Find Edit

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Your Town Edit

When you first start the game, you'll see fruit trees around town. There can be 1 out of five fruits: Apple; Cherry; Orange; Peach; Pear; If the fruit you see is an apple, that's how you get one.

Friend's Town Edit

Sometimes, when you visit your friend's town, they might have apple fruit trees planted. If you need an apple, ask them for one.

Rewards Edit

When Villagers ask you for things, & your looking for an apple, ALWAYS DO THE VILLAGERS REQUESTS! Apples are rewards too.

Requests Edit

Sometimes, instead of an apple being a reward, a villager can want one, too. For Example, the Peppy Villagers might say: "I saw a moviestar in a magazine eating an apple! So if there eating apples, I have to be, too!".