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Isabelle in Spring-Summer

Appearance Edit

Where To Find Edit

Isabelle can be found in various places. When you get off the train when you first start, she'll be waiting outside. But normally, you can find her behind the counter at the Town Hall.

Looks Edit

Isabelle is a dog with a white mouth, pale yellow face, & yellow hair. In Spring-Summer, She Wears a green T-Shirt. In Fall-Winter, She wears a yellow sweater.

Purpose Edit

Isabelle's purpose in the game is to be your Town Hall Secretary. She is there so you can build Public Works Projects In your town. She's there to help you set Ordinances, too. Isabelle shows you the Town and makes you the Mayor.


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Isabelle in Fall-Winter.

  • Does Isabelle Ever Change Clothes?

Yes she does change clothes. In Spring-Summer, She will wear a green T-Shirt shown in the picture above, & in Fall-Winter, she wears a yellow sweater shown in the picture aside.