::"You come back now, OK?"
— Mabel, Animal Crossing: City Folk
Species Gender
Hedgehog Female
Service Able Sisters clerk
Birthday May 22nd
Appearances Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing City Folk, Animal Crossing Wild World, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Happy Home Designer.

Mabel (きぬよ, Kinuyo) is a character in 

the Animal Crossing series, co-owning the Able Sisters tailor shop, one of the two stores that can be found in the player's town, with her older sister, Sable. She is the charismatic one out of the sisters, who assists customers with their purchases.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mabel is a blue hedgehog with brown-orange cheeks and black eyes, eyebrows, and snout. Like her sister, she has no visible mouth, so instead visibly talks by moving her nose. She wears a green and white gingham apron and has a head full of large, spiky bristles.


She does not directly speak about her past - which is given away by Sable  once talking to her. She may bicker from time to time with Sable, about who does most of the work within the business. She rarely mentions her parents, but from what is learned through Sable, she was too young to know who they were at the time of the crash. She was raised by her sister, as at the time she was an infant.