Main Street (商店街 Shōtengai?,  District) is an area of the Town that has it's first appearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It replaces the City, a place in Animal Crossing: City Folk, where the player had to travel to in order to visit unique shops and buildings; Main Street slightly resembles the City and some of the shops are still there.

It can be found in the upper-most area of the Town, in front of the Happy Home Showcase and north of the Train Station, across the tracks. The game loads the area when the player has walked up the stairs, similar to when entering a building, briefly showing a loading screen.

It is divided into two, with the Happy Home Showcase in the middle. It offers a variety of different stores and can be upgraded through the Mayors duties in the Town Hall. To the south is the Village, where the player and the villagers live in their houses.

Buildings Edit

Able Sisters Club LOL Dream Suite Fortune Shop Gardening Store Happy Home Showcase Kicks Museum Nook's Homes Photo Booth Post Office Shampoodle Nookling Stores