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Kelsey and Her Mannequin.

Mannequin is a special type of furniture item introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that can be dressed to display an entire set of outfits.

A mannequin can wear headgear, accessory (if the headgear is not a helmet), top, bottoms, legwear, and footwear. In addition to storing an outfit, the player can switch into the clothing displayed to wear it.

How to Get Mannequins Edit

There are a total of four mannequins in New Leaf, and they are obtained from each of the sisters from the Able Sisters shop and Gracie.

  • Sable's mannequin is obtained by becoming best friends with her. The player must also have purchased at least 50 items from either side of the Able Sisters shop.
  • Mabel's mannequin is obtained by purchasing 51 clothing items in the Able Sisters shop.
  • Labelle's mannequin is obtained by buying at least one accessory from her a day, over 31 days.
  • Gracie's mannequin is received when the player makes their first purchase on Gracie's floor of their own T&T Emporium.