Porter (えきいんさん Ekiinchin?) is a monkey who runs the Train Station in the Animal Crossing series, by coordinating transportation between towns. His occupation is where his name comes from. He first appears in Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, and re-appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Little is known about him. He resembles the villager,

Champ, who is in Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk.

His Birthday is April 17.

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Appearance Edit

Where To Find Edit

You can find Porter in the Train Station 24/7. He will be behind the desk, waiting there for somebody to use the station.

Looks Edit

Porter is an average looking monkey with a tan face & brown fur. He has tan feet & Wears a blue train worker shirt and a blue train worker hat.

Purpose Edit

Porter's Purpose in the game is to have friends over. He runs the train station, & your friends get off trains to get to your town.


  • Does Porter Ever Ask For Anything?

Yes he does, twice actually. At the start, if you want to have friends over you'll have to show him your Town Pass Card. If you haven't had your picture taken yet, he asks you for your picture. The second time is when you have 100 friends over. At some point after that, you'll see Porter Thinking. Porter wants to enter the train station into a design contest. A few designs turn up on your Public Works Projects list.

  • Does Porter Ever Come Out Of His Desk?

Yes He Does. Porter comes out of his desk when you finish the train station remodeling. He will be next to you on the opposite side of Isabelle when the ceremony goes on. Ceremony: picture here: