Sable Able (あさみ, Asami?) is a character in the Animal Crossing series, co-owning the Able Sisters tailor shop, one of the stores that can be found in the player's town. She is a shy character. About the third day of trying to befriend her (maybe second) Sable will say, "Mabel, Please!" which indicates you still need to bond. By the sixth day she will acknowledge you by name.

Appearance Edit

Sable is a brown hedgehog with pink freckles and sad, shy eyes. Her eyes also make her look tired. She has no visible mouth, and so instead talks by moving her nose. She wears a candy gingham  and has a head full of large, spiky bristles.

Personality Edit

Sable's life is very focused around the world she grew up in- she is happy with the slow pace of the country life and has proven to be firm friends with others from the village, most notably, Tom Nook. She has low self-confidence and is an introverted person.

Role Edit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sable is sewing in the corner. Like in previous games, if the player talks to her at least once everyday for a couple of days she will become friendly with them and start revealing memories of her childhood. After speaking to her for ten days straight, she will allow the player to use the QR code machine, which allows them to read QR for designs as well as create QR codes for your own designs. She will eventually give you a mannequin that you can display your own clothes on.