(better known as Timmy) (まめきち, Mamekichi?) and Thomas (more often known as Tommy) (つぶきち, Tsubukichi?) are the twin employees of Tom Nook, the tanuki who runs the town's store. They are rumored to be his sons or nephews, and their last name is also listed as Nook. Certain jock or lazy villagers will tell of a rumor that Tom Nook found them in the streets and raised them by himself. Their full names were first revealed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, when they are seen on the bulletin board during some shop upgrade announcements.

In the games where they appear together in Nookington's, the closest twin will become the primary speaker when choosing an item on the top floor.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf they are now the owners and managers of the Nookling Stores, after taking on the franchise from Tom Nook.

Appearance Edit

Timmy and Tommy are raccoons (tanukis in the Japanese version). They are almost look alike because they are twins. They have brown skin with dark brown mask-like surface running down their eye area.

Their  change when the Nookling Stores are upgraded.

General Information Edit

Tommy works Monday through Wednesday and runs the gardening floor of T&T Emporium.

Timmy and Tommy's most distinct feature is how one will echo the last phrase of the other when together. When alone in Animal Crossing: New Leaf they will also add a phrase at the end of the sentence in smaller text, though it does not copy the previous sentence's end like it does in previous games when they are together.

The twins share resemblance to Tom Nook, sometimes showing evidence of mimicking the latter's phrases. According to Tom Nook himself, the two can be distinguished by a mole on one of their hands.

Tom Nook also claims that he adopted them because they took an interest in business life, and that the twins are his pupils (in turn the twins refer to Nook as a mentor). Timmy is slightly higher pitched than Tommy.

Their  names Nepp and Schlepp are slightly misleading since "Nepper" and "Schlepper" in German language are words for con men and double-dealers. They were probably chosen for the amusing and rhyming effect. In New Leaf they are also used as puns, for example when they are running the "SchNeppchenmarkt". In this case parts of both names were worked into the  "Schnäppchenmarkt" to evoke a similar German pronunciation.

In New Leaf they eventually prefer being called Timothy and Thomas. That gives the assumption that they are slightly older and matured somewhat, or at least they want others to think that. The fact they start off capable of running the store with only one of them at a time, does imply they have grown up somewhat.