"I'll be there with bells on! Ho ho!"
— Tom Nook, Animal Crossing: Wild World
Tom Nook
Tom Nook 3DS



Raccoon (International)

Service The Town shop, Nook's Homes
Birthday May 30th
Appearances Animal Crossing
— Tom Nook, Animal Crossing: Wild World


Animal Crossing: Wild World Edit

His store is now always adjacent to the Able Sisters in this game, and the lottery, password and Sale Day features are removed. He also no longer sells clothes or umbrellas. However, the Tom Nook Point System is introduced to allow for eventual discounts on all purchases, with occasional Point Special days awarding five times the points, and Spotlight Items will infrequently appear in store. Nookington's contains Shampoodle on the lower floor, and upgrading to this store triggers Tom Nook's episodes.

Each player now shares Tom Nook's mortgage, and Tom will still force new players to work for him even when it is fully paid off. He states that he will 'not charge' the player for the lessons they are learning in Animal Crossing life.

His picture can be obtained by giving him a Safe, and the quote is "I'll be there with bells on! Ho ho!"

Animal Crossing: City Folk Edit

Tom Nook acts similarly in Animal Crossing: City Folk to Animal Crossing: Wild World. His store is never directly to the west of the Able Sisters, however, and his picture cannot be obtained in this game. But, players each have their own mortgage once again. Tom Nook will erect a flag outside a house with its mortgage fully paid off.

After a period of time with Nookington's in City Folk, Tom Nook will ask the player a question to "better serve his customers". Based on the answer given, Nookington's can close and reopen as a previous store to better suit the player's needs. Periodically, after the first questioning, Tom Nook will ask again, and the player can once more change the store.

The suggestions and answers are:

  • Variety- Nookington's
  • Balance- Nookway
  • Good Hours- Nook 'n' Go
  • Nothing much- Store does not change. Claims that state that the store can downgrade to Nook's Cranny are incorrect.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Edit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nook runs a real estate store instead, and players no longer must work for him. The player, the new mayor, moves in without a home, but Tom Nook assists the player by letting the player determine the location of their new home. Construction of the home, however, takes a day and a 10,000 Bells down payment from the player, so they must sleep in a tent. Once the home is built, players must pay off the debt before they can make any expansions. After this, Tom Nook offers exterior home decorations and encourages the player to sign up for the Happy Home Academy, an association that scores players' homes.