In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Jingle appears in the player's town on December 24th. He will say that he doesn't want to deliver the presents, and would rather have it be done by someone dressed as Santa Claus. During the month of December, Santa's outfit (hat, beard, coat, pants, and boots) are for sale at the Able Sisters and Kicks. If the player has bought the outfit, they will receive a magical bag from Jingle which holds the presents of the villagers  in the town at the time.

Earlier in December, the villagers will drop small hints about what they want for Toy Day such as furniture and clothing. On Toy Day, while wearing the , villagers will think that the player is actually Santa and will ask for their present. Once all of the presents are delivered, the player should talk to Jingle to receive an item from either the Festive or Jingle series. If all presents are delivered to the correct villagers, the player will get Jingle's picture in the mail on December 25th,.